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The British Isles are fortunate to have a diverse population of deer species, from the tiny Muntjac up to large Reds.  Controlling the numbers of these species is essential to keep nature in balance.  The population control can be for a variety of reasons, from protecting crops, to keeping numbers within a manageable level in order to survive a harsh winter.  Deer control is about management and should never about shooting the first deer that comes into sight.

Scotland is home to the finest hill stalking and the challenges that comes with it. The open hills and constant changes in wind direction puts the hunter at the mercy of the elements.  Getting into position to take a shot can take several hours, including long periods on your knees crawling and waiting, even then, you may not get to take a shot.  However, all these factors are what makes hill stalking for red deer the most challenging and rewarding. 

River and Moor works closely with estates on the West Coast of Scotland and the Highlands providing a complete stalking package.


Stay and shoot stalking packages.

This lodge on the west Coast is an 8 bedroom lodge with capacity for 16 people. This lodge is fully catered by one of the top game chefs in the UK. This offers the visiting hunters the opportunity to enjoy a full day on the hill and return to pre-dinner drinks and a fabulous three course dinner, consisting of game from the estate.


Stags. £550
Hinds. £300 per day

Lodge.  From £125 per person per night. Inclusive of food, house wine and beers.

This is a truely amazing estate and lodge with all the comforts of home and the views second to none.

We have dates available for both stags and hinds 2020/2021 season. Please get in touch.