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It has always been said that grouse are the king of game birds and that accolade is not without reason. The pure wild beauty and its resilience to survive in the toughest of conditions alone makes it an outstanding quarry. Combine it with the speed of flight and agility on the wing, you have one of the finest game birds in Britain.

The UK has over 75% of the worlds heather moorland which is the ideal habitat for Red Grouse.  They are resilient up to a point and like any wild animal can fall foul to mother nature and weather is the biggest contributor to mortality in grouse.   The fluctuation in brood size and numbers makes the whole grouse shooting industry unpredictable and difficult to forecast.

Our team all agree that driven grouse is the most magical of all shooting. it is a privilege to be stood in a grouse butt with the heather in bloom waiting for that first covey to break the horizon and in a blink of the eye they are past.  Walked up shooting offers guns its own form of excitement, watching dogs working the ground in front and having a split second to mount the gun and shoot before out of range.

We are fortunate to work with many grouse estates throughout Britain and are able to offer sport from walk up to driven days, although as soon as days become available they are often sold straight away. Therefore, it is worth submitting your details with us and as soon as days become available we will notify clients.  Please be mindful our days are booked on a first come, first served basis with priority given to returning clients.

Please click here to submit details for our grouse list.